Once upon a time in Brussels…

The year is 1897. Art Nouveau is taking over the streets of Brussels as the World's Fair opens its doors. This artistic movement has begun in 1893, when Victor Horta has drawn the house of his friend Autrique, then met the Solvay family.

In 2013 Bruxelles 1893 was release by Pearl Games, thematicly based on the style of the first Art Nouvean houses.

This year, it's time for Bruxelles 1897 to tell us about this incredibly rich period in the history of Belgian art. This card game version will speak to a wider audience of gamers. Its mechanics are based on Bruxelles 1893 and are made simpler without compromising depth.  Those who know the board game Bruxelles 1893 will rediscover its familiar look and feel in Bruxelles 1897.

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